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Individualized creative solutions
Individualized creative solutions


We appreciate the unique identity associated with each corporate facility. JRl's proficiency in space planning and design in a Corporate Interior Design setting affirms that our clients meet their long-term needs while establishing the image they want to represent to their customers. We work closely with our clients in the Chicago area as well as nationally to understand the brand and image that sets them apart from their competition. Our designs are a direct reflection of their marketing and internal philosophies.
"The team at JRI Interior Design have always done an outstanding job for us. No matter what the space problem was, they were always able to find a solution at a reasonable cost. It is a pleasure to work on projects with the group because of their professional style and knowledge of furniture and fixtures. I have been working with the JRI team for the pass 20 plus years and would recommend her and the JRI team to anyone that needs space design or a space project that needs a professional solution." - Chris Caponigri, Vice President Global Real Estate and Facilities

Phone: 847-914-9350
Fax: 847-914-9351